We extend the call to all stakeholders who wish to join us in driving the next evolutionary step of the global socioeconomic landscape. Partner with us and join us at the forefront of positive change.


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As a partner, you’ll benefit from exclusive access to our annual, Changing Faces of Women’s Wealth report. This comprehensive study combines quantitative data, qualitative interviews and thorough independent research to draw important conclusions on the state of women’s wealth and influence. The detailed narrative that emerges from this rich data helps us and our partners to charter a better way forward.

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You will also gain access to our flagship events where you can interface with thought-leaders and industry pioneers. Our Forever Forward summit; featuring a series of events and CPD-accredited masterclasses, places our partners at the forefront of important discussions, debates and forums.

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Add to this a variety of networking opportunities, partner-specific events, branding opportunities and marketing placements, and you’ll understand why as our partner, you have everything to gain.
We extend the call to all stakeholders who wish to join us in driving the next evolutionary step of the global socioeconomic landscape. Partner with us and join us at the forefront of positive change.

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A founder YOU won’t want to miss. Welcome Cassandra Stavrou, MBE, founder of PROPER snacks, the latest speaker at our Forever Forward: Future of Female Entrepreneurship event on the 25th May.

Cassandra will share her entrepreneurial journey; the highs and the lows, how she faced them and sharpened her entrepreneurial instincts, taking her business from the kernel of an idea (we couldn’t resist) to the huge success is it today.

Launch in 2011, Cassandra built the business into Europe’s largest independent healthier snacking company. PROPER’s products are now in over 20 countries around the globe and listed in every major retailer. Not to mention they were the first ever B Corp snack company.

Cassandra recently sold PROPER Snacks as part of a major deal to form one of Europe’s largest healthy snacking companies, WARP Snacks – creating a new challenger to the established market giants, with over £100m in sales! She is also an active angel investor and advisor, backing the next generation of impact businesses.

To take advantage of this golden opportunity to hear from Cassandra, click the link in bio.

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Calling all female entrepreneurs! 📣 

If you are your own boss, aspiring to be, or already established as an entrepreneur, this event needs to go in the diary. 

Ever wondered what the future of female entrepreneurship looks like? On May 25th, we'll paint that picture for you and make it a reality at our second Forever Forward event. Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs to gain knowledge of the macro trends affecting us right now and gain inspiration from individuals who have been successful in growing their businesses. 

Led by a remarkable group of inspirational keynote speakers, including Alex Daly, Charlotte Bobroff, Anne Welsh, and many other inspiring success stories. In addition to the round-table conversations, we will also hold mini-masterclasses.

Count us in! 😍 

So, why not set yourself up for success by acquiring the tools and contacts your business needs to grow. Head to the link in bio to take the first steps towards securing the future you deserve; act quickly, as space is limited.
Are you a female in a leadership position?📣 

Our forthcoming Forever Forward event is exactly what you need. It will take place over two days, and first up ‘drum roll please’ 🥁 we have the Future of Female Leadership event hosted on the 23rd. 

Experienced leaders, or those aspiring to be, this is one to put in your diary. In addition to giving you the chance to network and exchange ideas, this event will give you insider knowledge about how to build cultures to advance her and how to work on your terms. 

Don’t just work in corporate, make it work for you. 

So, what do we have lined up? We are pleased to welcome Lindsay Forster, CEO of Shepper, Melanie Stancliffe, employment law Partner at Cripps, as well as a host of further experts who are eager to share their experience and tangible takeouts, including keynote speaker Dr Michelle King, author of The Fix: Overcome the Invisible Barriers That Are Holding Women Back at Work. 

Head to the link in bio to take the first steps towards securing the future you deserve; act quickly, as space is limited.
Did you know that over 50% of women in leadership positions suffer with burn out? 

Sounds familiar? 

On our upcoming Forever Forward Flagship event on the 23rd of May, we will be speaking with industry experts on how to master working on your own terms and how to create cultures that benefit your career as well as your health. 

And oh girl, do we have a line up for you! 

We will have the pleasure of welcoming keynote speaker Dr. Michelle King on the first day of the conference, 23rd of May, along with Carolanne Minashi, Head of Global Inclusion from HSBC, joined by Lindsay Forster, CEO of Shepper. And if that wasn't enough, Melanie Stancliffe, partner at Cripps and a specialist in employment, will be discussing negotiation strategies on how to make the world of corporate work for you. 

The event is free to sign up to, head to the link in bio!
The clock is ticking! Who is excited for our Forever Forward events? We certainly are! 🙋‍♀️

Are you ready to shine in 2023? Do you wish to absorb knowledge from inspiring, strong women? Do you want to learn from industry experts about the future of female leadership and entrepreneurship, and how to apply that to your own life, career path and business ambitions? 

Entrepreneurs, experienced leaders, or those aspiring to be, these events will provide you with insider knowledge, the chance to network and discuss ideas, as well as give you practical tips from how to create cultures to advance women to how to pitch like a pro.

Join the movement that is paving the way for the future of not only female leadership and entrepreneurship, but for yourself. 

Act quickly since space is limited, don't miss out on industry leaders Dr. Michelle King and Carolanne Minashi on the 23rd and Anne Walsh and Alex Daly on the 25th. 

Keep an eye on our socials as we dive into some sneak peeks of what our speakers will be covering during this career and business advancing event. 

Join today by clicking the link in bio. Become Forever Forward.
A nationwide emergency alert will send a loud signal to people's phones for 10 seconds at 3pm, this Sunday, 23rd April, even if the phone is set to silent. One in six women in the UK say they’ve experienced economic abuse by a current or former partner, which makes an event like the above concerning for those with concealed second phones. A lifeline, to some. However, you can opt out of the national test either by turning off Emergency Alerts in your phone settings or by switching your phone off.
A video on how to make this change in your settings is available via @refugecharity 
Please share this with those who may need this information most.
Secure your children's future - join us on the 26th of April for an unmissable event bringing together child and teen emotional intelligence coach, Roisin Fulton, Founder of Happy You Coach; Will Carmichael, CEO of NatWest Rooster Money – starting children on their journey to money confidence; and Investment Manager, Fiona Ker of Ruffer LLP.

Hear expert and tangible advice from how to support your children in building robust financial habits, to how to invest for your child's future.

Open to all who support children in their lives. Spaces are limited. Head to the link in bio to secure your spot.

Self-doubt can be one of the biggest roadblocks on our journey to success, but it doesn't have to define us. It takes time to break free from its grip and believe in ourselves, but the effort is worth it. So, let's be kind to ourselves, acknowledge our insecurities, and work towards overcoming them. Progress is not always linear, but it's never too late to start. Let's push through the doubts and fears and trust in our potential to achieve greatness. #selfdoubt #selfimprovement
Calling all advisors 📣! It's time to recognise the difference between men's and women's attitudes regarding responsible investments. Our recent study found that 79% of women wanted their assets to be environmentally responsible, compared to 65% of men, and 89% of women wanted socially responsible investments versus 70% of men. 

These are essential factors that advisers need to consider when creating investment strategies for their clients. But it doesn't end there! The gender pay gap, career breaks, and caregiving responsibilities also significantly impact women's finances. Our incredible partner @quiltercheviot has written about this in depth; where you can click the link in our stories or head over here:

#wealthiher #investingtips
Planning for the future with your loved ones is an exciting next step, and we want to support you by sharing advice that every woman should know. 

Join us on 23rd March for our 'Matters of the Heart' event with @mishcon_de_reya, to receive legal, financial and emotional guidance in navigating romantic and family relationships from industry leaders Barbara Reeves, Maya Prabhu and Marcie Shaoul, who will be speaking in this fireside chat. Limited spaces have become available, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity and email to secure your spot. 

#Wealthiher #womeninbusiness #womeninfinance
Did you know investing like a girl could be the secret to better investment performance? According to an eye-opening article on WealthBriefing, evidence suggests that women may be better portfolio managers than men. A recent study by Fidelity concluded that when women invest, they outperform their male counterparts by 0.4 per cent annually over ten years. 

The article dives into the reasons behind this trend and argues that it's time for the investment industry to embrace more diversity. Let's celebrate the unique skills and perspectives that women bring to the table and build more effective and sustainable investment strategies together! Click the link in our stories or here to read more: #Wealthiher #investment
Ladies, it's time to break free from the scarcity mindset! There's a common belief that there's only room for a few women at the top, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is, when we support each other, we all rise together.​

So, let's make a pact to celebrate each other's successes, lift each other up during the tough times, and help each other reach our goals. We're stronger when we work together, and we're capable of achieving incredible things when we believe in ourselves and each other.​

Let's create a world where every woman can thrive and succeed. Are you in? Share this post with a fellow trailblazer who inspires you and let's spread the love! 💖

 #WomenSupportingWomen #Trailblazers #Sisterhood #EmpoweredWomen ​
Get ready to be inspired! @mcdermott_law has just released its 2022 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Year in Review, and it's packed with amazing stories and stats that showcase the company's commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. With a focus on tipping the scales toward justice, McDermott Will & Emery's efforts include fighting for clemency for William Allen and promoting networking opportunities for women. Click the link in the stories to read the full report and celebrate McDermott Will & Emery's progress in ED&I! #McDermottWillemery #Wealthiher
On this #internationalwomensday our Founder @tamtamgillan joins @salmaelwardany on BBC Radio to talk settlement payments, the pivot of Barbie and much more. Listen now via link in our story 🔗

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