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HER STORY IS OUR STORYThe WealthiHer network is the materialisation of the dreams and ideals of founder, Tamara Gillan.

Meet Tamara Gillan. Strong, single mother. Serial entrepreneur. Change advocate. Speaker.

These are some of the terms that have been used to describe Tamara Gillan. And certainly, they all apply. But there’s more to Tamara than what she does.

Who she is, is a woman of influence whose approach to life and business rests on the principle: of togetherness, and her personal mantra: Alone, our differences divide us. Together, they amplify us.

Upon this philosophy, Tamara built her first business, a marketing agency, at the tender age of 30. Strategic brand partnerships were the keys that unlocked opportunities to work with some of the UK’s most ambitious brands, including O2 Priority, VISA and HSBC Jade.

Ten years after founding Cherry London, Tamara had a new vision – to harness the power of collaboration in a new and exciting way that would empower women all over the world. These were the beginnings of the WealthiHer network, a fratHernity built on the fierce determination to promote the economic advancement of women.

“The WealthiHer network is the culmination of collective passion.”

“Alone, our differences divide us. Together, they amplify us.”

Together with her team, Tamara aims to use the WealthiHer network to build a more equitable future for the financial and professional services sectors, shaped by the values of accessibility and inclusivity.

Fueled by a mission to future-proof and bring balance to the world’s most influential industries, the team behind the WealthiHer network conducts annual research that deep dives into the realities of thousands of women from around the globe. Informed by this rich data and powerful insights, they are able to make strategic decisions about the way forward for the network and the women it empowers.

Tamara has been featured in Financial Times, Telegraph, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Times, CNN Business, Daily Mail, Sky, BBC, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Stylist. Today, she is one of the United Kingdom’s most seminal thinkers in the field of business and women empowerment.

Fueled by her team’s deep-seated conviction to make a difference and serve as a catalyst for transformation in the financial sector, the WealthiHer network is the culmination of collective passion. To join it is to take your place at the forefront of change.

These are the faces and names behind the network that’s making things happen.We are WealthiHer

  • Social and Production Manager
    Annie Harmeston
  • Head of Marketing
    Elle Fleming
  • Brand & Graphic Designer
    Meghna Nathanya Immanuel
  • Founder and CEO
    Tamara Gillan
  • Kirsteen Scoble Hart Managing Director
    Managing Director
    Kirsteen Scoble Hart
  • Account Director
    Victoria Braham
  • Business Director
    Ed Leech
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