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COMING SOON: After talking to thousands of women, SmartPurse founders Olga Miller and Jude Kelly learned that there is no safe and welcoming space for women to discussthe money questions impacting their lives and to get practical help. So they fixed it.

The Smart Purse Money Fundamentals

Part 1 - Plan
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16th December
Are you too busy juggling life that you're never able to take stock of your finances and plan?
In this money fundamentals course (part 1 of 3) we'll take you from financial fogginess to financial freedom.
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Part 2 - Secure
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13th January
How life events impact our finances & preparation techniques for any milestone, rain or shine and why the fear of investing is unwise.
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Part 3 - Grow
12th February
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We'll revisit the most common tools to invest and select the right approach for you based on real-life examples and transactions.
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The SmartPurse mission

Provide accessible, impartial financial education to every woman

Increase financial independence

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