Get ready to relaunch your business and finances

As the dust starts settling on a (hopefully) post-lockdown world, female focussed think-tank, WealthiHer is looking forward, organising events to help businesses relaunch and connect a wide range of entrepreneurs and experts through discussion and networking.

We brought together some of the smartest people we know to help you prepare yourself and your business for success.

Paola Cuneo

Head of Advisors and Investors,

Suzette Shahmoon

Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Jeremy Hill

Senior Private Banker,
Kleinwort Hambros

Laura Hayward

Private Client Director,

The power of people

Letting go and entrusting others can be challenging, particularly when you’ve seen your business grow from an idea into a fully fledged business. However, hiring the right people to join your team and being able to delegate is a skill that can’t be underestimated when gearing up for growth.

“While you’re growing your business, it’s key to be able to delegate; to let go and add people to the team to share the responsibility. Investors will look at the whole team, not just the founder.”

Paola Cuneo, Head of Advisors and Investors

Likewise, when choosing a team, it’s essential to have a clear grasp of your strengths and weaknesses. If there are gaps, target what you feel you're missing.

“There’s a trade-off between knowledge and time. If you don’t have the knowledge, seek it. You don’t have the time, outsource to trusted experts. Be aware of what you need. Find people you get on with, who energise and inspire you.”

Jeremy Hill, Senior Private Banker
Kleinwort Hambros

Get financially fit in business
(and in life!)

What if we thought about financial wellness in a similar way to our physical or mental health? Reviewing our objectives and stepping back to think about the bigger picture (more often than we might like to...) is crucial in driving yourself forward.

"Covid has given entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to take a step back to review where their business is going. It also gives us the opportunity to review personal objectives...and the bigger picture."

Laura Hayward, Private Client Director

Considering how our business and personal objectives align, we can find the balance to keep team members incentivised and ensure the business is well set up at every turn.

Rejuvenate and take care

Personal wellbeing and self-care have knock-on effects on your business and home life. So it's no surprise that these topics have become so central to our work-life balance after the last 18 months. Working from home has shown just how tangible the link between emotional and professional wellbeing is.

"Your well-being has to be personalised. Look at all aspects – spiritual wellbeing, physical wellbeing, intellectual, relational, and emotional wellbeing are all important. Find things that calm and energise you."

Suzette Shahmoon, Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Let's expand

Several barriers make it harder for women to create and expand their networks, which is a significant factor behind why only


of start-ups are led by women. Networks play a huge role in providing confidence, inspiration and support for all founders that are on a mission to take their business to the next level.

"Investors want to invest in female founders if the business plan is sound and with high growth potential. Be a trailblazer and be the one who will shape the future and change the landscape.”

Paola Cuneo, Head of Advisors and Investors, ELITE a EURONEXT Company

In other words, don’t let a lack of predecessors put you off; become part of the change you want to see.

The power of partnership and collaboration

Alongside the power of having a diverse team with shared values, there are numerous benefits to entering a partnership and collaborating.

“Knowing what you can achieve on your own and where you need to create partnerships is a strength. Follow what feels true to the business purpose and quest. Know who you don't know to try to get good connections and advice.”

Jeremy Hill, Senior Private Banker
Kleinwort Hambros

Thank you to our contributors
Jeremy Hill,
Senior Private Banker, Kleinwort Hambros
Laura Hayward,
Private Client Director, BDO UK LLP
Paola Cuneo,
Head of Advisors and Investors, ELITE a EURONEXT Company
Suzette Shahmoon,
Cognitive Hypnotherapist

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