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Live and Grow: Invest well and make your money make a difference

We find ourselves in challenging times in every area of our lives. The way forward? Working together for a better future for our lives, health, society and the environment. Women can lead the way.

Analysts believe companies have now suffered a greater shock than in the 2008 financial crisis. The FTSE 100 has endured huge volatility following government restrictions and this will continue to if futures, human behaviour and attitudes remain uncertain.

The WealthiHer research 2020 found that 85% of women want to invest sustainably and to make a difference. Rising to 90% of women under 38. But with greater influence, more autonomy, increasing confidence and shedloads of wealth behind them, women are increasingly able to create a better future for everyone.

They have a broader definition of sustainable investments. For men it’s more about the environment but for women, the definition includes businesses who demonstrate gender balance internally, avoiding those that have a negative impact on women and girls; both in the type of product or service but also in the supply chain. Learning from the 2008 crash – Iceland’s women played a key role in commercial and environmental recovery. The ‘Björk fund’ was set up to boost the ravaged economy by investing in green technology.

For men, sustainable investment is more about the environment, but for women the definition includes businesses who demonstrate gender balance.

Businesses will do best when they do good

Here’s some key take-outs from the full seminar that you can watch here:

  • Many more Tilney clients are now interested in where and with whom they are investing and the social repercussions of those investments.
  • You can take a more active stance through investments that deliver benefits and contribute to the solutions we, as a society, want as well as delivering a financial return.
  • Impact businesses and impact investors want the same things – sharing a strong desire to see that businesses produce financial rewards AND social benefits.
  • New UK stewardship code will increase the impact of investors. There are heightened expectations of all investors to be good stewards of companies and to hold companies to account on their financial performance and on their social licence to operate.

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