Women’s wealth is the world’s fastest growing market.
By 2025 60% of the UK’s wealth will be in the hands of women.

So why aren’t women being properly recognised and championed by the industry? 

We have formed the WealthiHer Network to change that together.
Created for women by a powerful network of change agents.

We’re here to inspire and empower women to grow and protect their wealth;
demonstrating the commercial benefit of this fresh approach both to business and broader society.
Building towards a gender equal world.

For women, money is not just an end, but a means to an end, 
enabling us to be independent decision makers.

We want more than a transactional relationship, we want a meaningful one.

Women see wealth as something that creates better opportunities for the people we care about. 

We’d rather take care in growing and protecting what we have, than risk it on something we don’t. 

And when it comes to investing, we believe that financial performance is important.
But personal goals are paramount.

And many of us would rather invest in organisations that promote positive social change.
Because we believe in a better life for others as well as ourselves.

That’s how being different can make a difference.

That’s why we created the WealthiHer Network.

Not just for women, but for all of us. 

The WealthiHer Network. For the benefit of everyone.